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Home online business vs Brick and Mortar Business

Are you thinking of starting your own business?  Have you thought about being your own boss and working your own hours? Did you even know its possible to make a living working at your own home, making a decent earning. It’s a lot easier than many may think and doesn’t really cost much to get started.

Starting a business outside of home, say in a store front or office building, cost way much more and may take several years for you to see much of a positive income result. You may still be paying off loans that you needed to start your business years after you open shop, but with a home business that is much the opposite. Many are leaving the corporate world to work from home and are happy they did.


What Do I Do with my online business????

When starting a home online business you want to start something that you enjoy. A lot of people just jump into the home business area on something others say is a profitable product or business. It may be true but it might not work for everyone. To be successful for many years one has to find something they enjoy and love and won’t get bored of in a few months or a year later. If you love what you do in your business you will have more of a push to do it every day or every other day ( once you are established with your business)

You have to work hard. You have to work really hard!!! The first 6 -12 months are crucial for your home success, let it be a home business, or online home business. You just can’t give up and continue to work hard.

A home business can consist of home parties, where you are the host and you either invite others to come to your house or someone else’s home and a product(s) are displayed. You would make earnings from whatever others buy at the party. Some other home business ideas would be Avon, in which you would give out catalogs to others and they would purchase from the catalog and would turn the orders into you and you would deliver the products when they come in. A contractor is also a home business
that many get into. You can be a contractor of many different things. A graphic/web designer , home repair contractor, lawn contractor, this list can go on and on. Whatever you feel is in need in your area can be open to being a contract business.

Make a list of things you are good at and enjoy doing. Then after your list, number what you feel is needed in your area starting from most important. This is a good way to start ideas for your online business.


An online business is a business primarily done over the internet. Affiliate marketing is where you would recommend products and you would get paid off of those sales. Online business is easy to get started with and the startup is a really low cost. When starting an online business pretty much everything is all done online, from the marketing, advertising, and communication. You may start off just promoting a product that you use and just tell others about it. Now with the internet its easy to reach hundreds and even millions of people daily to inform them of many different products, in minutes. If just beginning its important to get started with the tools that you need to succeed. Also if your new it’s a good idea to find a mentor or a training group. There are forums that are very helpful and most forums are free.

If your looking for personal attention this company has daily webinars you can listen and get all your questions answered quickly, without having to wait for a response in a forum which may take hours, days or even longer or not answered at all.

Whatever you decide, you have to stay focused and work hard. You have to keep in mind that if you want to make a nice income with a home business or online business you have to work your business as a business and not just a hobby. A hobby is just something you do for fun and don’t expect to much of any income from it. With a business you have a plan, and your hard work will pay off at the end.

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