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There are many ways to improve the bedroom fun.  There are many places locally and online that have products that will give you new and pleasurable  ideas to spice up your love life.

First you need to talk to your partner.  Discover what is missing and what the two of you would like to improve on.  You don’t want to force anything on the other if its obvious that it is not at all desirable.
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Talk about your fantasies and dreams.  A lot of couples enjoying role playing.  Role plying could consist of dressing up in costumes and carrying out the role of what you are dressed as.  This can get couples to open up and try things they normally wouldn’t do as themselves.

Some of the popular costumes used for role playing are:

The nurse and the patient, the maid cleaning the house, the delivery man, the repair man, the cheerleader, a stranger.  You can use your imagination and make it a night of role playing.  Role playing can lead to tons of excitement in bedroom fun and can expand to fun other places!
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What do you need to improve the bedroom fun?
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